Autumn Beauty

Right next to the sidewalk you stroll on every day. There is beauty there, right next to it. Do you ever stop to notice it? We move so fast through life sometimes we never stop to take pleasure in the nature’s beauty.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Beauty

  1. … a single leaf lying on the ground … just a few weeks ago it was waving in the breeze, high up in a tree, its sole purpose being to manufacture food to sustain the tree … now, its job is done and it has been cast off by the tree … but, in its final days, the leaf casts aside the green coat of its brothers and takes on an individualality, a new identity, a new beauty … in a dew days it will begin its final journey, breaking down and returning to the soil … but for now, it will lay alongside the walkway, there to share its autumnal glory with anyone who pauses to look …

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