A Woodman’s Memorial

So this is what I found online on woodmen.com  regarding this grave marker which was unusual to me:

Joseph Cullen Root founded Woodmen of the World more than 100 years ago, he wanted to provide a decent burial for all members. Early Woodmen certificates provided for a death and a monument benefit. Gravestones were originally furnished to members free of charge and later were offered only to those who purchased a $100 rider to their certificates.  However, during the 1920s the Society stopped providing stone markers to members when the cost of gravestones increased and cemeteries began prohibiting above-ground markers for maintenance reasons. The monument rider was discontinued and converted to an extra $100 of insurance protection, but for many years after that, members and lodges arranged for markers and monuments on their own.

The marker in these photos marks the resting place of W.C. Corbett @ the Bedford Cemetary in Bedford, TX.  He seems he passed at the young age of 33 and the stone reads:

“The rose that is sweetest and faires, Is the bud that is killed by the frost, And the love that is dearest and rarest, Is the true love that we have just lost. ”

There are so many stories to be told in cemetaries, although most are tragic; to me this is one of young man loved very dearly… It reminds the living to hold their loved ones a little tighter, to tell them a little more often…


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