Please tell me why I like these pictures…


I wonder do these images evoke any feeling or emotion to anyone else? Is anyone else drawn to them? Maybe it is only me because they remind me of a place and a time that I enjoyed very much…


7 thoughts on “Please tell me why I like these pictures…

  1. Me personally, I’m attracted to any flower,bush with some colour. Soon it will be all browns and little colour so I’ll take what I can get now..:-))

  2. I’m drawn to them because they’re beautiful, you are because they evoke a memory. I know the feeling that you’re talking about – I often feel it to with just the right photo or song! Amazing how something so seemingly simple can transport us back in time, isn’t it?

  3. I’m always drawn to such photography- macro shots of everyday plants, of weeds, even of twigs, and portraits of flowers, of stems, wee insects, and so on. They always evoke such a flow of feeling- a quiet, beautiful melancholy or nostalgia, a strange familiarity and excitement. A lovely thing you have seen perhaps everyday, suddenly, highlighted in such a way, recreates one’s vision of it. Something that was separate suddenly becomes a part of the viewer, sort of like the beauty of friendship. The thing portrayed becomes our friend, as we can intimately study it, feel it more deeply, as it is poised there, always waiting in that moment, before us, to pour over without distraction, to ponder, to feel and to delight in.

    Sort of like that feeling of having seen someone sitting outside the local cafe, reading, sunflower on her white hat glowing in the afternoon sunshine, a beautiul scene, but indifferent. Might think, “Ah, nice lass,” and carry on. Then one day, see her again when one accidentally slips and spills some coffee all over the pavement, and she leaps up to comfort one in that moment of grief (it is a tragedy, really), and so talking begins, not chatting but really talking- suddenly, she’s not just a scene of beauty in a moment of passing, she has personality poised before one to delve into, to connect with, to ponder, to share with and to delight in. She was beautiful before, but the sudden intimacy makes her become so much more, beauty transformed and illuminated. She has become a wonderful friend, and the depth of it truly blossoms, flows all through one’s consciousness. She is seen in an entirely new way. One realises she always was a friend, just waiting to be met.

    I think that is what such photos do to me. They make indifferent beauty blossom into intimate beauty, instead of just a pretty thing, I see more profound depth and personality, it has life, it becomes personified- I become friends with a subject I once saw only in polite passing. I think the melancholy aspect for me comes when the awareness of separateness returns- I know it is a photograph, and a part of me mourns that I am not actually with the subject, experiencing life with it, through it’s perspective, so that it may never be alone- and so I mourn this- it is like being severed from a new friend. I understand she will persevere, and that we are connected, and she cannot feel any pain over never knowing me, frozen in that photo- the subject, but still, how I mourn. It is definately the imaginative side of me that likes to climb right into a photo, especially with gentle coy colouring, or black and white. All of this is in fast quick response. Sounds so very silly, ah but ’tis the way of this old salt. Sorry the length, you got me all going as I’ve often pondered the same question- why do I love photos as these so much?!

    Wonderful shots!! Pure art! The colours are so delightfully delicate and inviting, the life of the plant intoxicating, climbing up toward the heavens, the DOP is perfect, the coy lighting wonderful- creates this feeling for me perfectly, and I adore it!! Grand entry. (apologies for the rambling, oh dear…) Many ebullient cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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