Attention all Photographers: Tell Me Your Thoughts…

Sometimes I reblog.  I mostly reblog from my husband’s blog  I enjoy sharing his photos with my followers and I am usually with him on the shoots and I wait for him to blog the photos just so I can reblog them. Every now and then, I reblog someone else’s work, always using the reblog option and commenting again to tell them how beautiful the photo is etc.  Personally, I am totally open to someone reblogging my photos.  As long as they use the reblog option. Like anyone, I enjoy receiving credit for my work. What are your thoughts on reblog?

That being said, I would never use someone else’s photo on my blog without giving them credit etc.  Today while surfing word press I stumbled upon a blogger who had taken my husband’s photo and placed it on her blog. No comments only a title. I couldn’t help but to comment, “Nice shot, my husband took it Sunday.” (Something to that effect.) Was I wrong?




21 thoughts on “Attention all Photographers: Tell Me Your Thoughts…

  1. Don’t see anything wrong with giving credit where credit is due. It eliminates any confusion of where the original material came from.

  2. It’s not about credit it’s about common courtesy. By passing off someone else’s work as their own or even just allowing readers to come to the mistaken conclusion that someone else’s work could be their own, they are showing themselves to be discourteous at best and quite possibly a very poor sort of person. Shame on them! I do hope they acknowledged their mistake after your very mild reprimand.

  3. We think that you should always give credit to someone else’s photo and put a link to their site. Some sites have a copyright notice saying please ask first before borrowing. It’s a very poor show to use others work without acknowledging it.

  4. Nothing wrong with what you posted! 🙂
    Legally, Its an unwritten law to credit someones work when you reblog/repost or use it, its against the law to use their image and make $$ from it.

  5. As beechcreek says, credit where it’s due. I won’t copy and paste something, I will reblog. That way, the person knows it’s been reblogged and still gets the credit for it.

  6. I’m always pleasantly suprised when someone reblogs my posts. It gives me a great feeling. I think all true bloggers know the etiquette of reblogging v saving a photo on their page. It’s very disappointing when this happens. It sounds like your comment was very restrained rather than angry. Well done.

    Is there a way you can report this sort of behaviour?

  7. I definitely agree that you should give credit when using someone else’s pictures… or blog material.
    I think you did the right thing by commenting to that blogger.

  8. You were right on making the comment, you were even nice, there’s people that directly report the blog.
    I don’t think nobody minds seeing his work somewhere else as long as they receive the credit.

  9. No you were right to let them know who the photo belonged to. This is an area that is really getting out of hand. The arts seem to be the biggest target of copyright ingringement with music compositions and digital photos on the top of the list. The trustworthy & honest sharing of scientific advancement of the arts in America as we knew is long gone replaced by the quick scheming thiefs and people trying to make a fast buck.

  10. Reblogging is fine since it puts the picture within the context of its author’s work. Taking a photo without asking permission or acknowledging whence it came…not acceptable.

  11. I am totally with you on this one. My husband and I both take pictures and I ask him before I use a photo of his and he seems to think I don’t need to ask him and yet I know that he would ask me first, also. How much more so a stranger… ~ Wendy

  12. I wish there was an “approve” option if someone wants to reblog your post. Usually it’s nice people who only want to show a picture they like (and because they use “reblog” you still get credit for your work). But a few times, some of my posts have been reblogged on sites I really don’t want to be associated with at all. A pity you can’t prevent that! As for the picture you found, that’s just plain stealing- You should ask that person to either remove it or update the post giving credits to your husband.

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