On the Water

I love the above bloom, wish I could have captured it without the white vent under it.  I do however, like the decaying oak leaf on the bottom right.

I am ashamed to say I did not notice the frog in the above photo until I was posting it on here. Disappointed because I might have captured some interesting shots of it…


12 thoughts on “On the Water

  1. There is always room for improvement! Don’t beat yourself! I like the shots, specially the colors. You can still crop some more and get rid of those things that annoy you, if that’s important! Anyway…I’ve loved the colors.

  2. I love the surprises I see when I upload my pictures to the computer. Very frequently, I simply point my cell phone, which is my camera, at whatever I find interesting and shoot without ever seeing what I’m shooting at on the screen. It’s a little like a treasure hunt! And yours are, indeed, gems! 😉

  3. I think the frog looks just great where he is. He’s a toad compared to that gorgeous flower! I know what you mean though…I have spied a spider after I check my photos on my laptop!!! I love critter shots too. Lovely set of photos here. ~ Wendy

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