I think these are a wonderful idea for saving money and the environment. I myself could not b/c I feel like someone could just pick it up and rev it like a toy car…


i did not think a car could get smaller then a smart .but they did it!Tazzari zero is smaller then a smart car.it can go 88 mile on a single charge .where smart car gets 56 mile per gallon.listen to me sounding like a sales man.im just sayn i could not do these thangs im a suv gas hog kind of guy.or i could go for a 1971 chevelle.god bless america.

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  1. This is so bright and the cars so “smiling and friendly looking” make this look like a shot taken from a new movie – with cars as the characters. (These will be so much easier to pick up and put in odd places like frat boys enjoy doing….)

  2. I drive a Chevy Van and was born in the days of Big Detroit Steel and Fins. Still . . . can’t they make the cars small without being quite so FUGLY? Maybe not, but you think they would at least try . . .

  3. Try parking one of these in Key West just once vs an Expedition and you might change your mind! If its a hot electric car you want, check out Tesla’s Lotus. There is one cruising the streets down here and it is divine!

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