The Red Bull Soap Box Derby was great fun! I urge everyone to attend one that is near you…


they was a force pulling me up the hill to the starting was pretty steep 1800 ft and plus.i was like i was possessed i had to get the shots!my brian was thinking.shooting all the way up there.wild fan here crazy gorilla guy oppurtunity missed.was on the hunt for the shot!you photo guys know what im talking bout.

im seeing people of all walks of life of the best thangs about texas all the different kind of people..

i finaly reach the top and boy am i thirsty .these redbull tents are all over the place.water,soda,beer(7bucks),ruf vodca and red bull i ask the girl about the vodca they had there for sale? and she ask me am i with the something something press?my brian told my mouth to say yes!yes i am with the free press.she said then you drink for free!im like cha-ching!now this raceā€¦

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