Our son’s first football game! We are so proud!


And they bring it all in before the game starts.im sure its a pip talk from the coach .im wondering wheres my kid the hole time.cause they never got there jerseys and stuff untill that day.so i had know ideal what number he was or any thing.and im looking for my little boy.so i look for the cleats i got him and then im like wth who that big ass boy in my kids shoes.it him zion.

cool they have put zion in the game!all shoot here we go!

oh man these kids did awsome!Euless 26 Hurts 6 F

good game guys.

zion did pretty good for his first game ever in footbal.and it looks like he even like it. TG

and of course he had to be the last off the field lol ..heres some facts about the high school team he will go to next Euless high;they areā€¦

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