I obtained permission from the host of Anderson Bulldogges to reblog. This is so my family as well.


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  1. This post brought a smile to my face. I have cats now – hairs galore, each one eats a different menu, they sleep EVERYWHERE, I have 3 doors to the outside world, so you’re never sure who is miaowing, which door to open etc., but I used to have dogs, one of which ate all the upholstery in my car, and buried a dead cat in the neighbour’s flower bed (he also happened to be my landlord so it didn’t go down very well) ..

    • Too funny! I think everyone who has had a pet has those kinds of stories-maybe not quite so “horrific.” However, I friend who happened to be the county animal control officer that let her Akitas run her farm. Her neighbor came to get her one day and took her to a pile of dead deer they were killing, eating parts of and guarding. She was so embarassed. One question: Did you have to move? 🙂

      • Eventually yes we moved. Actually there is a happy, funny and then sad continuation to the story. My (ex) b-friend and I had 2 dogs at the time, “Vodka”, an all-white-fluffy-tall-male-terrier-poodle-cross, and “Velvet”, a black female Labrador – she was the ‘chewer’. Anyway, we had taken Velvet to mate with a police dog, she got pregnant, & had 10 puppies, 5 male, 5 female, 5 black, 5 blonde. This freaked the neighbour out even more. 10 days after she gave birth, she was poisoned, and died in the famous car as I was rushing her to the vet. Who poisoned her? .. I think the answer is self-explanatory. Anyway, poor Vodka became like a surrogate mother – the pups used to hang off his nipples as he desperately tried to waddle up the yard. A baby bottle became an extension of my right arm, and my 2 kitchen sinks turned into a factory-line-puppy-washing-machine as there was no mum to lick them clean. The puppies soon became as big as polar bears, and after 2 sleepless months (and when they were old enough) I found homes for all 10. And so, with Vodka (very-relieved-minus-puppy-suckers) in tow, we left.

  2. Don’t worry – it was devastating to watch her dying, but it was a long time ago. I have had animals all my life, horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, u name it 🙂 They all have their own story, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad. Many have died, some had to be put down .. you just do what you can, save as many as you can, find homes for the ones you can’t keep, and love them all as much as you can. Have a good weekend 🙂

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