Tell Me Your Favorite

Which one do you like the best?  Learning to use Photoshop.


Photo 1-The original

Photo 2-Dark

Photo 3-Magnified and Cropped Original

Photo 4-Cropped, Magnified Neon Edged


40 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Favorite

  1. Aaah, I think it’s a “coin tosser” between 1 and 3. In no. 1 the flower draws the eyes away from the surroundings which are “extra” information and in no. 3, I feel that my eyes are really riveted on the flower. Wow, what a hard choice. eeer…3 🙂

  2. Before I go into any of this, I’d like to say: they all have their merits, and I like the shot in general. It’s a neat flower!

    Now, for my Potentially Brutal Photo Critique:

    I like the way #3 fills the frame, so that one gets my vote, for now.

    #2 is leaning in a good direction, I think. It looks to me like you used some noise reduction and sharpening, or maybe some Photoshop filter? The water no longer looks quite real, and it’s a little distracting. I think #1 and #3 could use more darks/contrast, but I think the darks/contrast in #2 are taken a teeeeeeeeny bit far. Well, not even that– the darks are about right, but something looks slightly off to me. Did you darken the photo with Levels? Maybe try Curves, if you didn’t? It took me years to get used to Curves– it’s so finicky! But even a single point in the middle of the histogram, nudged up or down, can help make the overall tones brighter or darker in a pretty natural-looking way. (If you *DID* use curves, my apologies for wasting your time with this! 🙂 )

    #4 screams “I used a Photoshop filter,” which is fine, and I think we all need to a have a little fun with them sometimes. But “I used a Photoshop filter” often translates to “I couldn’t think of any other way to make this photo interesting”– again, that’s fine, but just have that in the back of your mind.

    (Please don’t take offense to any of this– when people ask for my opinion, sometimes I have a hard time not going overboard.)

    …So now that that’s over– nice photo 🙂

    • #2, I tried the dark edge filter in photo shop but I didn’t like it so I played with what I don’t know but I did try some curves. I say play because I just bought photo shop and I really only bought it for the portrait work I do. I only “play” with it on nature shots. #’s 1 and 3 are the original shot with NO color alterations, 3 I used the zoom and crop. #4 does scream photo filter and that is what it is. I think some of the photo filters in photo shop are great, like the neon edge, I used it on a photo of my English Bull Terrier a few months ago and it looks great. I probably need to take a class on using photo shop, but for now I am having a good time. Thanks for the comments and the lesson. 🙂

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