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Le Café Witteveen

Did you know there is a real book titled, “Satan, you can’t have my marriage,” by Iris Delgado?

You do now!

It has all kinds of nuggets of advice. It says that gay marriage is a huge opponent of straight marriage.

It says that you and your spouse can have a “supernatural marriage.”

No, you won’t be able to hover over the bed during sex. It just means you can use supernatural powers to ward off jealousy, anger and any emotion that comes from Satan (Satan!) to bollix up your marriage.

I read through the free pages at Amazon. And I am impressed.

Delgado makes no case for a living, breathing Satan. But goes out of her way to demonize the shithead.

She also explains that her mother dealt with the ungodliness of her husband only to be given fruit as a reward at the end of her…

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