Let’s Talk Junior High Football….

First I’d like to say I am sure my husband has posted this photo and I have previously reblogged it from his post. My son plays Junior High football.  If he continues to play through Jr high and into high school he will enter one of the best football programs in the nation and yes I am happy about that, but I’d be just as happy if he went to a Single A high school in the back woods of WV because I am happy for him and so proud. I also want to say yes I have heard football is religion in TX. I also want to say that no I have never watched Friday Night Lights or any other movie in regards to football in TX.  (For those of you who don’t know, I am not from TX and have only lived here 2 years.)

Now, I am done rambling so let’s get to the point. Point 1: What the Hell is wrong with the parents?  These kids are in the 7th grade. Even in TX, the coach says 85% have NEVER played before. I am happy they are learning the fundamentals. I am happy when none of them get hurt. Heck, I am happy the remember some plays and manage to run the right way. When someone on either team makes a mistake, I am apt to yell, “Nice try. Good try,” or something of that sorts. Some parents though, are out of control. A parent yells for one team, the parent down the bleachers yells for the other team then chimes, “I can yell louder than you can.” OMG, are you 12? The JR high students there were behaving better than the parents. Let’s not forget the parents who coach from the sidelines. Hey, dude, they pay someone to do that so shut up. Parents calling 7th graders cheaters because the ref missed a call, guess what he missed calls for your kids team too-get over it-it is JR high. Below is a conversation I heard in the stands tonight:

Son: “Man, Charles isn’t playing much at all.”

Mom:”Well, even if he sits the bench he is playing more than you ever will.

Son:”Well, I am better at basketball.

Mom: “Well at least you know computers and stuff.”

Now, this could have been banter, parent and child joking around, but when I saw the look on the boy’s face I knew it wasn’t. How terrible, to discourage your child. I don’t give damn if my son plays football, tennis, golf or if he joins the chess team-I am going to be there at every game or match cheering him on like he is the best player there ever was. I will be proud of him no matter what. I promised my son I would behave myself at all games because I am one of those people that is quick to tell people about themselves in these situations so I kept my mouth shut.  What does my son do as I tell him about? Pats me on the back and tells me he is proud of me. 🙂

So let’s talk about coaches. The coach of my son’s team, I am sure is not perfect. He is soft spoken, even for my experience with coaches, but he encourages and teaches. The coach on the other team tonight was screaming at those boys in a most inappropriate way. For a million dollars a game, you couldn’t talk to me that way let alone my son. I was shocked that these ‘hard core” parents in the stands said nothing about the way he talked to their sons.

To sum up my rant-IT IS JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL! Let’s encourage, guide, nourish and teach! And parents let me remind you there is more to football than winning: good sportsmanship, friendship, commradery, team work, exercise and MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVING FUN!


One thought on “Let’s Talk Junior High Football….

  1. Being from Texas, and growing up here (and not caring for football much at all) I understand your thoughts completely. I’ve taken pictures for several pee-wee football games (grades 3-6) and it’s amazing to me how the parents react. I can’t stand it, and feel terrible for the kids. So, I understand your dislike for it 🙂

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